Arc Property Services:

Commercial sense, social purpose

Whilst Arc Property Services have worked in the social housing sector for over a decade, refurbishing over 5,000 homes to the highest standard, what sets us apart from other contractors is the care and attention we pay to residents. We have delivered a vast number of refurbishment projects, including external and internal works covering both estate regeneration and void properties.

  • Regeneration schemes
  • Social housing and decent homes
  • Internal refurbishment
  • External enveloping works
  • Renewables
  • Roofing
  • M&E service upgrades and renewals
  • Responsive repairs
  • Planned maintenance

We never forget we’re working in someone’s home. Residents are our number one priority, we care about them and their homes. We pride ourselves on our high-quality works and on delivering the services residents deserve. We will do whatever we can to make having new facilities as pain-free as possible. Our Resident Liaison team members are fully qualified trades people which means they can answer any technical questions. Before we start on site, the RLO will visit every resident to introduce themselves and the company, to confirm the works and how they will affect householders, and to explain our appointments system. The RLO will also try to ascertain any specific requirements residents may have, and meet them, as they start to build up excellent working relationships with residents.

Our model is direct delivery; with our in-house electricians, plumbers, roofers, decorators and multiskilled operatives, we can resource projects without having to subcontract packages and clients can have confidence in our ability to deliver to programme and budget without compromising quality. We have a fair employment ethos which includes no zero-hours contracts, continuous career development and a diverse workforce. This gives us full control of all our projects and the ability to provide consistently high quality works that meet clients’ and residents’ needs and achieve KPI targets. Residents matter to us, which is why we go to the lengths we do.

Chelsfield Point Hackney

Our operatives have received much praise from the residents of Chelsfield Point in Hackney where we are undertaking full rewires of their flats.

When we received the Resident Liaison Officer’s  email, we were delighted and went to see Mr & Mrs B along with Jamie.

Mrs B said: “They were quiet, polite, superb. They arrived on time and worked late. I told them they could move in any time!”  “We really couldn’t fault them.

We’ve had workmen in the past and were glad when they’d gone – but not this time.”

The couple’s flat is expensively wallpapered throughout and they were delighted that Jamie and Elliott had managed to carry out the works without damaging any of their decorations, and that visible trunking, although necessary, had been used only where necessary and as discreetly as possible.

Mr & Mrs B now have a safe home, complete with smoke alarms, and still in superb decorative order.


arc Property Services:

Arc Projects

Arc Projects is a sophisticated project and asset management system that provides a common data environment to enable users to manage their project portfolios with the added benefit of sharing real-time information with all stakeholders.

Full access is given to our clients and their teams for the projects we are delivering on their behalf.

Transparency is key for everyone involved; Arc Projects is all about simplifying reporting lines, saving time and real-time reporting at every stage and, most importantly, capturing all data relating to the client’s stock profile. What we can see, the client can see. See it here.

Let’s not forget the tenants – our Resident Liaison Officer is able to build up a tenant profile against each property on Arc Projects so all interactions are recorded. Such data would include items such as any special requirements, access appointments, complaints and compliments.  Access to RLO records can be restricted where confidential information is concerned to protect residents’ privacy.

Arc Projects is highly versatile in that it can be used not only to store information in an easily retrievable format but that data can be used, for example, to build up a bill of quantities or populate an asset register.  It’s used to file project data, such as validation surveys, KIPs, quality checks and photos of the properties including condition survey shots, progress and completion photographs.

Client access is available for as long as necessary, complementing the O&M manual and providing potentially valuable information long after practical completion and end-of-defects has been achieved.

Being universally accessible to all parties means files need not be printed making it a truly green application.

Finally, we firmly believe that the wide-ranging benefits of Arc Projects bring added value to all our projects.

To summarise:

  • It’s an asset management system
  • It’s a project management tool
  • It’s a resident liaison recording system
  • It provides a common data environment
  • It’s transparent
  • It’s available to all members of the project team
  • It’s available to clients long after end-of-defects
  • It offers real-time information
  • It simplifies reporting
  • It’s green – no printing required