The Arc group of companies is renowned for solving technical problems throughout the construction industry. Over the years Arc has become the go-to company for contractors and private clients who have seemingly unresolvable problems that most building or construction companies are unable to deal with. The specialist technical team at Arc consists of engineers, designers and surveyors who have gained invaluable experience over the years in resolving client problems in the building and construction sector including:

  • Overcoming site or conservational issues
  • Using new or alternative materials in building and construction projects
  • Devising new construction and installation techniques for jobs where traditional methods do not work
  • Pioneering modular building techniques
  • Identifying the reasons why an existing project or the techniques being used are failing, and then finding a workable solution
  • Industry leader in Building Information Modelling (which is central to the UK construction industries future ambitions and aspirations)

The Research & Development team at Arc are specialists in finding unique and challenging solutions to problems, and have a proven track-record of developing innovative solutions and improved processes in modern methods of construction (MMC). You should always consider contacting the specialists at Arc if you have a project that is unusual or requires a higher than normal level of problem solving.