We keep it simple yet effective

Arc Group London offers clients a complete construction package, including M&E services, specialist roofing and temporary site services.

Founded in 2005 as an electrical contractor, Arc Group’s structure has evolved to encompass four distinct strands:

Arc Property Services: a division of the Group, provides a comprehensive service, including internal and external refurbishment, M&E, domestic roofing and energy-efficiency measures, and works primarily across the public sector. Arc Property Services has a pool of 150+ directly-employed tradesmen and women enabling it to resource all its projects in-house.

Arc M&E: a subsidiary company specialising in large-scale M&E installations, primarily within the commercial sector, and temporary site services. Arc M&E also has a substantial pool of directly-employed electricians and mechanical engineers, allowing it to resource all its contracts internally.

Arc Waterproofing: a subsidiary company specialising in complex commercial roofing design and installation, backed-up with £10m PI insurance. Once again, Arc Waterproofing has its own directly-employed specialist workforce to fulfil its projects.

Arc Major Projects: a subsidiary company, a main contractor within the private and public sectors.

Across the group, we have a directly-employed workforce of over 250 skilled operatives, many of whom have been with us since the outset. We know that our most valuable asset is our workforce and so training and development is a high priority for us.

We take immense pride in our apprenticeship programme and see value in developing the next generation of skilled operatives.

We are financially sound, enabling us to handle high-value contracts yet retain an ethos of service and quality.

Our core values

  • A proactive approach – we will take ownership of our work and deliver what we promise: high quality products, excellent customer services and strong business results.

  • Transparency – we will be open with our team and welcome flexibility in our approaches to new ideas and positive change.

  • Commitment – we listen to our team, customers and partners, understand their needs and respond effectively in order to achieve their goals.

  • Safety – “work safe, home safe”, cultural change

  • Team work – less “me” and more “we”

  • Innovation – we will seize opportunities to develop innovative services that lead the sector. We will be flexible in our approach to new ideas and welcome positive change.


We keep it simple yet effective.