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The Group

Tony Mason founded Arc Electrical (Essex) Contracting in 2005; an electrician by trade, Tony saw the importance of serving all stakeholders and delivering high quality works – an ethos that saw the company achieve steady growth and which is maintained across the Arc Group to this day.

Chris Langbridge is steeped in construction and joined Arc in 2014; his father ran his own building company but steered Chris towards surveying. Chris has over 30 years’ wide-ranging experience and has the skills set to complement Tony’s ambition.

Arc Electrical (Essex) Contracting grew into the Arc Group operating today through a series of diversifications and acquisitions. Everyone in the group works to offer clients a reliable, thorough and compliant service that provides best value without compromising quality.


Company timeline:

2005: Arc Electrical (Essex) Contracting formed

2007: Mechanical & Electrical division formed

2009: Internal Refurbishment division formed

2011: Renewable Division formed

2013: Roofing Division formed

2015: Acquisition of Absolute Electrical now part of Arc’s M&E Division

2016: Site Temporary Services Division formed

2016: Acquisition of Imperial Waterproofing

2017: Arc Major Projects Division launched