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Another happy resident!

What a great email from an obviously happy resident!  The job wasn’t without its problems but it underlines the value of teamwork and excellent resident liaison.

“Finally we can relax and enjoy! We are delighted with the result.  The finish is better than I’d expected. We love our new kitchen and bathroom and wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to every member of the team for their input and there were loads of you! Management (Igor/Lee/Alex), kitchen strippers, Matt\Dan and team, flooring man, electricians, plumber, carpenters, plasterer, tiler, painter, finishers and Roy. I’ve probably forgotten some trade but I hope you get the essence that I remember you all.  Please extend our thanks and congratulations on a great finish.

Throughout the whole process Lynda you have been a great source of support. Your approach and attitude to me I must say has been spot on. You’re personable and made me feel like I was speaking to an old friend when in reality we’ve actually never met face to face.  Maintaining a rapport must be difficult at times and I can only imagine what you say when you put the phone down sometimes.  I know I lost it a couple of times with frustration but hearing your voice at the end of the phone always made me feel much better because whilst action wasn’t always immediately taken, you made me feel like you actually cared! Keep doing what you’re doing and to your boss I say “she’s a keeper”! Sometimes you deal with people on the phone and you come off more annoyed than you were in the first place, do you know what I mean! 

Anyway, enough of that! Very best wishes for continued success with future projects and Lynda, don’t forget to come and see the result. You saw the old kitchen\bathroom and it would be fantastic if you could see the new.  Wish us luck with the windows on Monday! 

With warm thanks.”